Synonyms and related words:
abuse, batter, be negligent, beat up, befoul, botch, bruise, brutalize, buffet, bugger up, bungle, convert, debase, defalcate, defile, desecrate, destroy, divert, do violence to, do wrong by, do wrong to, embezzle, foul, fuck up, harm, hurt, ill-treat, ill-use, injure, knock about, knock around, maladminister, maltreat, mangle, manhandle, maul, mess up, misadminister, misapply, misappropriate, misconduct, misdirect, misemploy, misgovern, misguide, mismanage, misrule, mistreat, misuse, molest, muddle, muff, outrage, peculate, pervert, pilfer, pollute, profane, prostitute, rough, rough up, roughhouse, ruin, savage, screw up, violate, wreck

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Mishandle — Mis*han dle, v. t. To handle ill or wrongly; to maltreat. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • mishandle — I (maltreat) verb abuse, assail, assault, batter, defile, handle badly, ill treat, ill use, impose upon, injure, manhandle, maul, misemploy, misuse, molest, overburden, persecute, ravish, rough, treat abusively, treat ill, treat improperly,… …   Law dictionary

  • mishandle — (v.) c.1500, from MIS (Cf. mis ) (1) + HANDLE (Cf. handle) (v.). Related: Mishandled; mishandling …   Etymology dictionary

  • mishandle — / mismanage [v] mess up abuse, be incompetent, be inefficient, blow, blunder, botch*, bungle, confound, err, flub*, foul up, fumble, goof*, goof up*, gum up*, harm, make a hash of*, make a mess of*, maladminister, misapply, misconduct, misdirect …   New thesaurus

  • mishandle — ► VERB ▪ handle unwisely or wrongly …   English terms dictionary

  • mishandle — [mis han′dəl] vt. mishandled, mishandling to handle badly or roughly; abuse, maltreat, or mismanage …   English World dictionary

  • mishandle — /mis han dl/, v.t., mishandled, mishandling. 1. to handle badly; maltreat: to mishandle a dog. 2. to manage badly: to mishandle an estate. 3. to lose or misplace: to mishandle baggage. [1490 1500; MIS 1 + HANDLE] * * * …   Universalium

  • mishandle — UK [mɪsˈhænd(ə)l] / US verb [transitive] Word forms mishandle : present tense I/you/we/they mishandle he/she/it mishandles present participle mishandling past tense mishandled past participle mishandled a) to deal with a situation or process… …   English dictionary

  • mishandle — mis•han•dle [[t]mɪsˈhæn dl[/t]] v. t. dled, dling 1) to handle roughly; maltreat 2) to manage badly: to mishandle an estate[/ex] • Etymology: 1375–1425 …   From formal English to slang

  • mishandle — transitive verb Date: 1530 1. to treat roughly ; maltreat 2. to deal with or manage wrongly or ignorantly …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • mishandle — verb a) To handle badly, causing physical injury. b) To handle incorrectly, to make a mistake in handling a thing or situation. Syn: maltreat, mismanage …   Wiktionary

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